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Designer Handbags vs Chanel

Published June 15th, 2020 by Jenny Galacar

The Look for Less by Jenny Galacar

There are few things that can compare to that new handbag feeling: taking in the lines and curves, the smell of that smooth,  fresh leather and the delight of a cheeky pattern peeking out from inside. And then of course, there’s the fun of gingerly adding your essentials into the bag and organizing the pockets before throwing it on your shoulder for it’s first spin. Let’s not forget the thrill of the first compliment; and for a lot of women being able to say “oh thanks! You won’t believe the deal I got on it!”

Chanel bags may be the ultimate trophy for some purse lovers but they have never been known for their low prices. In May, Chanel raised the prices on a handful of their most iconic bags making them even more unattainable than before. But you can find similar styles for less than half the price by shopping the gorgeous collection at Luxury Italian Handbag.

For some, it’s not about having that double C logo and it’s more about finding a unique piece or a preference for true Italian leather or supporting a small business; all good reasons to shop our site!

The Iconic Chanel 2.55 is one of the bags with a new price tag at Chanel. Our Vittoria has similar sleek features like gold hardware and sophisticated color options in Italian leather  for a fraction of the price.

Our Maddelena offers the functionality of Chanel’s Gabrielle but with a bit more sass in that curvy splash of color down the middle of its soft true Italian leather body. 

Chanel’s 19 is one of the most classic styles with that chain and flap. Our Rosita is made in Italy from true Italian leather and has its own flap, an adjustable leather strap and looks just as lux despite that incredible price difference. 

Another timeless Chanel piece is The Boy. Victoire is our boxy option with gold hardware that gives that boy a run for his money - while you save yours! Victoire is made from true Italian leather and has an adjustable chain strap, too.

The bold neutral tone of our Ileana is on par with Chanels Lambkin & Gold Metal bag. The  ruffles give each bag a touch of whimsy but ours is made from soft Italian leather and  will leave you with enough cash leftover to take it to brunch. 

The Classic Clutch is another unmistakably iconic Chanel bag. The Lucrezia gives its own pop of true Italian leather color as it bounces on its gold chain. It’s roomy enough to hold all of your essentials and the adjustable strap allows it to be worn crossbody, too.

Whether you are looking for a huge savings, a unique bag or to support a small (woman owned?) business, Luxury Italian Handbag has you covered!  All of our bags are made in Italy of genuine leather. 

Jenny Galacar is a lover of style and sustainability. She is usually that over dressed  mom at the playground and you can follow her on instagram for more affordable fashion tips. Her favorite bag is the Lucrezia!

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