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Handbag Colors That Will Brighten Your Outfit

Published May 13th, 2021 by Amaya Hamilton

Though the past year has been uncertain and unprecedented, this summer is looking brighter - and so are we! These four colorful handbags are a perfect fresh start for any wardrobe this upcoming season. Vibrant colors like yellow, pink, orange, and blue are sure to add some cheer to your closet. Whether you are headed to a meeting at the office or breakfast with friends, you can make a statement with a bright-colored handbag.


Add a dash of summer sun to your wardrobe with this beautiful yellow handbag! Complement this yellow bag with a navy-blue dress for a harmonized outfit. Any observer will be charmed into a smile by the lively aesthetic of this high-spirited handbag, the color of which is redolent of the energetic summer sun.


You can never go wrong with pink! The gorgeous color is reminiscent of youthfulness and excitement. This fuchsia bucket bag is vibrant yet delicate and adds an exquisite glow to any outfit. Pair this color with green or blue for an exciting spring look!


Be bold with a lively orange handbag. Try pairing your orange bag with a neutral-colored outfit this spring to make it stand out even more! The warm and striking look of this handbag makes any combination scream success. This large, fashionable handbag crafted out of soft calf-skin leather is a hit for any occasion.


This tranquil blue purse is a perfectly simple addition to any ensemble, both casual and elegant simultaneously. Complement this handbag with a grey or pale pink dress for a night out in the town! Show off your sophistication, while comfortably carrying a beautiful blue bag.

These four vivacious handbags embody all the excitement of the new season and exhibit a colorful cheer. Each of these bags will complement your outfit no matter what you are wearing by adding an extra splash of color. Summertime means a fresh start and a new vibrant handbag!

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